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Company equipment

Division I has a new imported German gaobao will be reached 1620MM x 1200mm five color printing machines, two sets, gaobao rapida 1420MM x 1020MM five color printing machine, one Taiwan, gaobao rapida 11050MM X730MM four-color printing machine, one Taiwan, specialized in packaging and printing of large size. Perennial processing and printing, can be tailored to your needs.
Equipped with the oversized channel processing equipment, have Qingdao micron 1650 automatic laminating machine, Xin Yuan 1650MM automatic local UV machine, Dongrui 1500 x 1500mm die-cutting machine, 1200mm X800MM hot stamping machine, die-cutting, Shanghai Shen Weida programmable cutting machines and other machines for you to provide quality printing and packaging services. To the quality of life for the purpose of the enterprise, perennial to undertake processing and printing, can be tailored to your needs.

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